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We are sharing the contact details of people who are involved in this exercise of recovering money from Helios and Matheson Information Technology Ltd.

Please understand that each of the individuals below has very busy schedules and have taken the responsibility of aiding and assisting each of us out. So please make sure that you first SMS or Whatsapp these individuals and wait for their call back. It is the minimum respect we can show them.

Vedanta Desikan - 9820505328
Anita Sanghani - 9892481258
Gaurang Patel - 9870236700
Dharam Gurnani - 9819903211
Bini Gupta - 9819338380
Rajnikant Mehta - 9323061555
Harshit Patel - 9867404634

Shrikant Nayak - 9825230479
Nikhil Girme - 9822433327

Chetan Mehta - 9825028860
Gopal - 9426054499

North India
P.S. Bhatnagar - 9899375000

East India
Vikash Chovatia - 9830264246

South India
Alok Jain - 9535088200
Venkatraman - 9393987887

Email id being used for collecting scanned copies of FDs and Bill Discounting Receipts/Promissory Notes is
Make sure scanned copies are made into PDF files with name of file being the FDR No. or BDR No.

Link for data collection of investments is