Friday, 8 June 2018

Get Involved (Home Page)

Dear Fellow Investors,

This is a forum where all of us aggrieved investors (Fixed Deposit holders and people who have invested vide Promissory Notes and Bill Discounting Schemes) can get together and take on Helios and Matheson Information Technology Ltd. for getting our hard earned money back.

We must act in a united manner and use our strength of numbers to get this recalcitrant company to pay us our dues or suffer due and just punishment for violating our rights.

This is an open invitation to everyone (Fixed Deposit holders and other investors) to join the concerted effort by putting forth your investment details (Fixed Deposit / Promissory Note / Bill Discounting Scheme) on the link provided below.

Instructions to fill the data are as under:
1. Go to the link  

2. Follow these steps
  • Form is to be used only for one FD/BD/PN at a time
  • Enter name in capital letters only of primary FD holder as it appears in the FD or of BD/PN holder as it appears on Bill Discounting Receipt or Demand Promissory Note for eg: VEDANTA DESIKAN
  • Do not add Mr. or Mrs. or any other prefix unless it appears on the FD/BD/PN
  • Select Type of Instrument from drop down menu. If you have an FD, select Fixed Deposit or otherwise select Bill Discounting or Promissory Note
  • Enter FDR No. which is 9 letters, for eg: FDB034345 or CDB034345. If you have BD/PN enter the BDR No. which is 6 letters, for eg: 996454
  • Do not enter any space or any wrong character in FDR No.
  • Enter FD/BD/PN Amount in numbers without commas, for eg: 75000
  • Do not enter Rs. or Rupees or /-
  • Enter your date of investment
  • Enter your date of maturity
  • Enter a valid 10 digit mobile number. Do not add 0 or 91 in front
  • Enter a valid alternate number such as landline or mobile
  • If the primary FD/BD/PN holder is a senior citizen please select Yes. Otherwise select No.
  • Enter city of residence, for eg: MUMBAI
  • Check data
  • Press submit
  • Send a scanned copy of FD/BD/PN to File name of scanned copy should be FD/BD/PN number. If you have an FD, file name should be for eg: FDB034345 or CDB034345. If you have BD/PN file name should be, for eg: 996454 

3. If you have any confusion please check our Contacts Page and sms any of the designated persons who will get back to you when they can.

4. We will be collecting contributions towards expenses incurred in the legal fight against H&M. So please only put your details (Fixed Deposits / Promissory Notes / Bill Discounting) if you are ready to contribute up to 1% of your total investment or Rs. 2000/- whichever is higher.