About this Blog

This blog has been started with the purpose of uniting investors who have not been repaid by Helios and Matheson Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. This is for those who have invested vide Fixed Deposits, Promissory Notes or Bill Discounting schemes.

This blog is divided into several pages as under:

1. About this Blog

2. History of Events
This is a simple time capsule of events as and when they occur which gives a brief idea of what has happened thus far.

3. Legal Updates
All updates from ongoing cases will be put up here.

4. General Forum
This will be an open forum for discussion and airing grievances.

5. Data Collection
Investors can send in their investment details regarding Fixed Deposits, Promissory Notes, Bill Discounting Schemes, etc and join the legal action.

6.  Contact Us
On this page you can obtain contact details of designated personnel who can assist you.

7. Details of Helios and Matheson Information Technology Ltd.
Here we will keep updating contact details of the company.

8. Media Links
You can read more about Helios and Matheson Information Technology IT Ltd. through these links.