Sunday, 6 December 2015

Revised List of Investors who have Uploaded Details through Weblink (Up to 15.11.2015)

The list of Fixed Deposits / Promissory Notes / Bill Discounting we had published earlier has undergone revisions on account of various corrections sent in by all of you. We are now publishing the revised list for your viewing. Please note that this is the list of investors who had uploaded their details up to 15/11/2015.

Revised list is published on this link here in alphabetical arrangement.

You may download the list and check the same on your computer.

Investors whose names are highlighted must get in touch with Alok N. Jain on 9535088200 via sms. If there are any further changes in your investment details (Fixed Deposits / Promissory Notes / Bill Discounting), please get in touch on the above number.

Please note that scanned copies of your investment details (Fixed Deposits / Promissory Notes / Bill Discounting) must be sent to If the same has been already sent you need not send again.